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Equipping you to turn life into a joyous playground


I Decide Yes helps professionals build their unique operating system to make their joy and freedom bulletproof. This is done through our 12 Weeks to Freedom coaching program and laughter therapy with the Queen of Joy, Jewel High.


The I Decide Yes mindset is about deciding to be free no matter what; experiencing life through a pure lens, and turning the bumpy road towards healing into your playground.  


So good riddance alcohol and drug abuse, depression, stress and anxiety! You are not your coping mechanisms. All you have to do is Decide Yes. 



12 Weeks to Freedom

Are you ready to feel alive? Ready to get rid of your crap? Let us help you turn life into your playground so you can ease through uncertainty and dodge suffering. You will discover your truth, motivations and unique needs so that you can be your authentic self. A crystallized view of your paradigms will be revealed so you can make long lasting changes. You receive a personal operating system that ensures fulfillment and unconditional joy. Did we mention that  laughter therapy is included for immediate relief?!

Laughter Therapy


Escape to an oasis full of joy and bliss. You will learn how to voluntarily laugh to heal your mind and body. This laughter workshop is a combination of laughter exercises, deep breathing, improvisation, and much more. It is an instant anxiety, stress and anger reliever. Whoever said healing can't be fun, didn't experienced this workshop!

You're reading this for a reason.

You have 2 options:

  •  Repeat the same cycles for the next 10 years trying to figure it out for yourself. 

  • Take action, get to work, and experience fulfillment with unconditional joy.


How to take the next step:

Believe you're worthy of a transformation and let us help you. Why? Because no one who ever did anything great did it alone.


Improve Overall Health

Personal life

Manage Your Emotions


Increase Productivity

Social life

Enjoy Stronger Bonds 

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Jewel High is a Life Coach, Laughter Expert and Transformational Speaker. She is a Dallas transplant by way of New York City. Her purpose is to evoke the feeling of joy by presenting the possibilities of freedom. Jewel High is a wise, dynamic woman who has been healing people with her presence, guidance and laughter for many years. She has the ability to see the bigger picture and quickly discover the best path to success.


In addition to being known for her extraordinary personality, she has used her gifts to explore various professions all of which molded her into the powerhouse that she is today. She became a successful shoe designer in Milan, Italy; served as an accountant for one of the largest global media companies; and has even made her mark in the human resources industry. The common denominator of her success was her ability to maximize individuals and share joy. 

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Laughter Therapy


She was spectacular! I'm still laughing to myself...I love the fact that she transforms teams by just reminding them to lighten up a little bit...Not only does she talk about it but she teaches you how to do it. 

After Ms. Jewel has left our organization, I feel fantastic. This is going to bring so much positivity to my team and so much motivation. The world needs more of this...

Shelly Balleza, Allstate Insurance

Daren Martin, The Global Company Culture Association

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