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I Decide Yes


It's one thing to decide to read a ton of self-help books, take self-paced courses & listen to podcasts...

It's another thing entirely to have a thought partner uncover your blind spots and ignite your power in real time

But here's the thing, you can't become joyful until you understand who you really are. 


If you’re like most of my clients when they get started, your reality looks a bit like... 


  • You've checked all the boxes but feel empty and purposeless.

  • You put everybody else's needs before yours and constantly think, "what about me?"

  • You're stuck in old unhealthy patterns and nothing you do about it seems to work.

  • You're exhausted from always feeling like you need to fix yourself. 

  • You wake up and think, "again, really? I have to do this again?!"

  • Your inner critic is being a big jerk.

  • You keep waiting for the perfect time and feel like life is passing you by.

If some of these resonate with YOU, I totally get it.

I Decide Yes Jewel High Raising Hands.jpg

I wasn't always this joyful...

In fact, I’ve suffered from depression multiple times.

Growing up in a dysfunctional environment led me to hold myself to extremely high standards in hopes of feeling seen and loved. I ended up burned out and unfulfilled after checking all the boxes. My soul knew there was more for me and that it was time to decide because I couldn't go on like this.


I decided to embark on my journey to self-discovery. Discovering my gifts led me to become a Certified Mental Health Life Coach, Transformational Speaker, and Laughter Yoga Teacher. 

My 3-month Transformation Coaching Program is for you if you're ready to:

  • Claim your power so that you can meet your needs and do what you really want without caring about what other people think.

  • Live joyously even when bad things happen.

  • Do that thing you've always wanted to do.

  • Fall in love with yourself without having to lie. 

  • Align with your soul.

  • Maintain healthy relationships and set boundaries with ease.

  • Discover your gifts and earn money from them.

  • Make better decisions.

  • Be challenged and held accountable.

I Decide Yes...

Sounds like Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me" playing on a loud speaker. It wraps around you and nourishes you like a GREAT hug.

Tastes like the first bite of a ripe mango on a nice sunny day. 

Feels like that unexpected scalp massage that stops you in your tracks.

Looks like a field of sunflowers.

Smells like jasmine.

Trusted By: 

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Texas AandM University San Antonio.png
grand prairie texas jewel high


She was spectacular! I'm still laughing to myself...I love the fact that she transforms teams by just reminding them to lighten up a little bit...Not only does she talk about it but she teaches you how to do it. 

Daren M., The Global Company Culture Association

She gave a word...feeds you in your soul, makes you laugh and feel good about yourself. You gotta hear from her! She's an awesome lady.

Chanika T., Primera

After Ms. Jewel has left our organization, I feel fantastic. This is going to bring so much positivity to my team and so much motivation. The world needs more of this...

Shelly B., Allstate Insurance

I really enjoyed Jewel High talking about laughter and taking mental health seriously [...] she was a very good speaker so it was very easy to stay engaged. Very energetic! I just feel like what she had to say can be applied to my life directly.

Jordan H., Texas A&M University

Was thrilled to have her here on our professional development show us adults some techniques to feel good about ourselves on a daily basis. Thanks Coach Jewel!

Robbin W., Goddard School

I am here at the I Decide Yes talk...I came in exhausted, sleep deprived and now I feel like my endorphins are rushing. It's like after having a workout. This made me feel so much better. It's the best way to start your day. I highly highly recommend getting involved with Jewel!

Megan A., The How Money Works Company

She really set the tone fore our day long conference. We engaged in some really fun activities. We learned 8 steps to bring joy into our lives [...] The room was vibrant! Everyone was laughing. Folks were in tears from how much they were enjoying the session. We loved having Jewel High here and look forward to having her back in the future. 

Patty M., Texas A& M University

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