90 Days to Freedom

It's one thing to decide to read a ton of self help books & listen to podcasts...

It's another thing entirely to have a thought partner uncover your blind spots and bring the best out you. 

But here's the thing, you can't be free until you understand who you are.


And what’s robbing your joy? If you’re like most of my clients when they get started, your reality looks a bit like this... 


  • You’re living someone else’s life and it’s suffocating you.

  • You’re successful, but don’t feel successful.

  • You've checked all the boxes, but feel empty and purposeless.

  • Your imposture syndrome is getting in the way of taking your career to the next level and you just want to hide under a blanket sometimes.

  • You’re tired of the fake. You want to experience authentic, meaningful relationships.

  • You feel a little lonely. You yearn for an invested thought partner where you can share openly, be 100% yourself and feel rejuvenated.

  • You can't seem to shake bad patterns in your life and you're at your breaking point.

If some of these resonate with YOU, I totally get it.

I'm Freedom Coach Jewel High and I'm here to tell you that I wasn't always this joyful and free...

In fact, I’ve suffered from depression multiple times in my life. The time that stuck out the most was when I was sitting in a café in Milan, Italy feeling so dissatisfied with life at the height of my career as a successful shoe designer. I was too embarrassed to express my pain because I felt so guilty. I mean...after all I was living the dream, right?


No matter how much I strategized and read I couldn't seem to kick my dissatisfaction. I ended up opening a store at one of the largest malls in the country thinking it would make a difference. Slowly but surely the sensation of dissatisfaction creeped right back in, but this time it brought stress along with it due to a significance decline in sales. This is when I hit rock bottom and I knew I hit rock bottom because I felt so disconnected and couldn't think straight to save my business.


I kept replaying in my mind all the hard work and long nights of creative burning sensations and thinking how could it end like this. I felt betrayed! Betrayed by all the illusions I had been programmed to believe about what success and happiness is. I decided to pivot and apply my accounting skills to give me time to rediscover myself. During my 4 year healing journey, I connected with a life coach who validated my knowing of there being more to my being, but couldn’t express verbally yet. This jumpstarted my transformation. I began to deepen my understanding of spirituality, neuroscience, metaphysics, energy medicine, psychology, joy and laughter. I got my certification in Mental Health Life Coaching and Laughter Yoga. I then designed an operating system that supports my authentic self and allows me to experience unconditional joy while achieving my wildest dreams.

This operating system is the foundation of my coaching.

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Is 90 Days to Freedom right for you?

90 Days to Freedom is for you if you're tired of being tired and you're ready to commit 100% to your transformation. You're ready to apply if you want to:

  • Be joyful, free and paid.

  • Have meaningful relationships.

  • Achieve your wildest dreams.

  • Set boundaries in your relationships with ease.

  • Answer your own questions and become resilient.

  • Speak your truth and be held accountable.

  • Explore unconventional ways to heal.

  • Turn life into a fun adventure.

  • Have more energy so that you can show up for your family and friends.

The Details

When you're accepted to 90 Days to Freedom you'll receive an email explaining your next steps. Each weekly session will end with laughter therapy for relief and motivation. You will have access to all recorded sessions so you can replay whenever you want. 


Module 1: Clarity of Intention & Needs

  • Reveal your truth unapologetically

  • Get to know your soul

  • Understand deeper level needs & motivations

  • Determine future goals

  • Build a supportive environment

  • Learn sacred morning rituals


Module 2: Beliefs

  • Get a deep understanding of where you are along the journey

  • Explore your inner child

  • Discover your limiting beliefs

Commit to Journey

Module 3: Commitment to the Journey

  • Find meaning in your pain

  • Gain a higher perspective

  • Set necessary boundaries

Clarity of Desire

Module 4: Clarity of Desire

  • Gain a crystallized view of what success looks like for you

Reassessing Identity

Module 5: Reassessing Identity

  • Evaluate your identity vs. the identity of who you want to become

  • Determine the thoughts and behaviors that need to change in order to live in integrity with who you are.

  • Reclaim your inner child


Module 6: Transformation

  • Reassess goals and desires

  • Discover internal changes that are needed

  • Identify blockages

  • Learn how to develop a habit effectively

  • Design your new personal operating system

Achievable Goals

Module 7: Achievable Goals

  • Review progress and celebrate

  • Set your short-term goals

  • Set your long-term goals

Lights, Camera, Action

Module 8: Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Learn how to put your goals to action with ease

  • Walk in your truth!

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