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Looking for a phenomenal speaker for your group? Jewel High is an engaging Transformational Speaker for audiences looking to learn how to: Laugh For Wellness, Create A Joyous Life, Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, Boost Creativity Through Play, Become Resilient, Avoid Burnout, and Build Meaningful Relationships. Jewel offers actionable steps that consistently impacts her audience's personal and professional lives. There's never a dull moment with Jewel High. She leaves audiences feeling connected, invigorated and elevated. 

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Jewel High is a Transformational Speaker, Certified Laughter Coach and Certified Mental Health Life Coach. She is a Dallas transplant by way of New York City. Her purpose is to evoke the feeling of joy by presenting the possibilities of freedom. Jewel High is a wise, dynamic woman who has been healing people with her presence, guidance and laughter for many years. She has the ability to see the bigger picture and quickly discover the best path to success.


In addition to being known for her extraordinary personality, she has used her gifts to explore various professions all of which molded her into the powerhouse that she is today. She became a successful shoe designer in Milan, Italy; served as an accountant for one of the largest global media companies; and has even made her mark in the human resources industry. The common denominator of her success was her ability to maximize individuals and share joy. 

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I am here at the I Decide Yes talk...I came in exhausted, sleep deprived and now I feel like my endorphins are rushing. It's like after having a workout. This made me feel so much better. It's the best way to start your day. I highly highly recommend getting involved with Jewel!

Megan Adelson, The How Money Works Company

She was spectacular! I'm still laughing to myself...I love the fact that she transforms teams by just reminding them to lighten up a little bit...Not only does she talk about it but she teaches you how to do it. 

Daren Martin, The Global Company Culture Association

She gave a word...feeds you in your soul, makes you laugh and feel good about yourself. You gotta hear from her! She's an awesome lady.

Chanika Turner, Primera