Laughter Yoga

America's leading Laughter Coach, Jewel High, is ready to help you get out of your mind and escape to a world full of joy and bliss. Learn how to voluntarily laugh to heal your mind and body. Laughter Yoga is a combination of laughter exercises, deep breathing, improvisation, and so much more. It is an instant anxiety, stress and anger reliever. Connect with humans on a deeper level. By the way, yoga possess are not necessary so anyone can participate!

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Improve Overall Health

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Increase Productivity

Social life

Enjoy Stronger Bonds 

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I am here at the I Decide Yes talk...I came in exhausted, sleep deprived and now I feel like my endorphins are rushing. It's like after having a workout. This made me feel so much better. It's the best way to start your day. I highly highly recommend getting involved with Jewel!

Megan Adelson, The How Money Works Company

She was spectacular! I'm still laughing to myself...I love the fact that she transforms teams by just reminding them to lighten up a little bit...Not only does she talk about it but she teaches you how to do it. 

Daren Martin, The Global Company Culture Association

We had so much fun! We released the stress that we had from our morning commute... 

Akesha, Farmer's Insurance

After Ms. Jewel has left our organization, I feel fantastic. This is going to bring so much positivity to my team and so much motivation. The world needs more of this...

Shelly Balleza, Allstate Insurance